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18th Sep at 8:00pm • Max Watt's Sydney
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About Powerman 5000

Sci Fi Electro Metal Robot Rockers Powerman5000 (USA) Tour Australia for the First Time Ever to Celebrate the 21st Anniversary of ??????? ??? ????? ?????? !(When Worlds Collide, Supernova Goes Pop, Nobody's Real) ???????? ???? $??: http://bit.ly/Power5000Mel Tonight The Stars Revolt! has sold over 1,000,000 copies. With cyberpunk imagery, catchy riffs, funky beats and rap rock vocals, ???????? ???? bridged the gap between Nu Metal and Industrial Metal and packaged it up in a retro-science fiction b-movie aesthetic that separated them visually and musically from their peers. It was an album that has a timeless appeal that sounds as catchy...

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