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How To Resell Festicket Tickets

If you’ve bought tickets to an event through Festicket that you can no longer use, you don’t need to stress about refunds or haggling on social media to find a buyer. This quick resale guide will step you through everything you need to know to sell your event tickets quickly and securely. 

By using Tixel to resell your tickets from Festicket, you’ll get your tickets into the hands of another fan in three simple steps. 

Selling a Festicket Ticket

Festicket specialises in festival packages and trips. While we can’t manage any accommodation arrangements, Tixel can help get any unneeded General Admission festival tickets into the hands of other fans.

Selling your Festicket event ticket is easy: simply upload your ticket from your email or PDF and get it in front of thousands of verified fans.

To resell a ticket purchased on Festicket, simply: 

  1. Find your festicket ticket
  2. Upload your ticket to Tixel 
  3. Go on sale

How to locate your event ticket from festicket

When you bought your ticket, you would have received an email or PDF of your tickets from Festicket. Before we begin, you’ll need to locate the file or email. Check your inbox for the original tickets issued, or login to your Festicket account. 

Got it? Ok, now you’re ready to upload your PDF or you can simply forward the email to us.

How to list your Festicket ticket for sale on Tixel

If you have a Festicket email, you will need to forward the original email with attached tickets to

[email protected]

Within a minute or two, you will receive an email from Tixel with a unique link to complete your listing. If it hasn’t shown up, don’t forget to check your spam folder. 

If your tickets are in a PDF, you can upload the Festicket PDF ticket file here. To prevent fraud, please do not edit or change the PDF in any way and do not delete pages if there are multiple tickets. Don’t worry if you only want to sell one ticket from a group purchase. Once you’ve uploaded the file, you will have the option to select which tickets you want to sell. 

Once your tickets have been uploaded to Tixel, we’ll scan them to make sure they’re legit and haven’t been tampered with. This only takes a few seconds. 

Our ticket resale tool will display the details of every ticket so you can select the ones you wish to sell. Once you’ve made your selection, use the pricing slider to adjust your sale price. 

You can go on sale at whatever price you like, but to keep things fair and discourage scalping, we cap prices at 10% above face value. This means if you bought a ticket for $100, the max price you can set for your resale ticket is $110. 

By offering pricing caps, we can continue to run Tixel as a fair platform for fan-to-fan ticket sales.

Getting paid for your resale ticket

That’s it! Once you’ve selected the price you’ll get a final confirmation and your ticket listing will go live. You will also receive a unique link to share on social media to help get the word out about your spare tickets quickly. 

But you’re probably wondering about your hard-earned cash right? That’s the reason you’re here. Unlike auction sites and listings that sell anything from lawnmowers to trading cards, we only deal with event tickets and we do it safely with protection for both buyers and sellers. No haggling, no ghosting, nothing sus. 

With Tixel, no one needs to go first and risk being ripped off. Your tickets will only be released to the buyer once we have received the payment. This way we can ensure that the money is released into your account after the transaction is finalised. It’s really that simple. 

Get started now

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