My name is not on the ticket

My name is not on the ticket

You've got your ticket, it doesn't have your name on it, what do you do? 

Luckily, the majority of events do not have a “name on ticket policy” so it isn't required for all events.

If the event requires it, we will have the seller contact you through the buyer/seller chat in the Purchased Tickets section or ask the primary ticketing company to process the name change for you.

In the case the event has a name on the ticket policy, you will receive a new ticket in your allocated name either in your Purchased Tickets section or directly from the seller in the buyer/seller chat. We would strongly recommend contacting your seller if you think a name change is required. 

Please don't stress if this is an event we're partnered with, we will make sure you have your ticket in time for the event.

If you have spoken to the event directly, not the ticketing company and they have said something different, please send a screenshot and we can investigate this further for you.