Dekmantel Festival Resale FAQ's

Dekmantel Festival Resale FAQ's

I’ve bought a ticket in 2021, how do I list it for resale?

In your Eventix E-mail Order confirmation, you will find a link which allows you to resell your ticket directly w/ Tixel, our official reseller. Every ticket sold via Tixel is sold at face value and every sale is secure.

Is trading tickets on Tixel safe?

Yes! By using Tixel to trade your tickets, the original ticket is invalidated and the buyer receives a brand new ticket, in their name and a new QR-code.

I don't have a ticket but want one! What should I do?

Your best chance of securing a ticket is by joining the waitlist at this link to be notified as tickets are listed for sale.

I bought a ticket in 2020 and had it transferred over to 2021 - how do I list it for resale?

If you have had your tickets transferred over from 2020, you can list the ticket directly via tixel.com/sell.

I need help buying or selling my ticket!

If you have any other questions, please head to https://tixel.com/help and you will get the help you need