How to sell your Oztix ticket

How to sell your Oztix ticket

Tixel is the authorised and safe resale platform for Oztix.

The easiest way to list your Oztix ticket is to forward your email confirmation to Tixel:

  1. Search in your email inbox for [email protected]
  2. You should see an email with the tag line starting with "Your Oztix Order"
  3. Forward this email to the unique Tixel email listed here

If you still cannot locate your tickets, check your junk/spam folders or any other associated email address you may have used to purchase your ticket.

Having trouble forwarding your ticket email?

If you're having trouble forwarding your ticket confirmation email, you can also download your PDF and upload it here https://tixel.com/sell/upload. If you're on mobile and need help downloading your PDF, check out this FAQ for guidance.

Do you have an Oztix SMS ticket?

This is where Oztix sends you an eTicket as an SMS. Copy the link from this SMS and paste the link here to list your ticket.