Bournemouth 7s Festival 2023 Res...

Bournemouth 7s Festival 2023 Resale FAQ

Tixel is the official resale partner for Bournemouth 7s Festival 2023 and has worked closely with the event organisers and their ticketing provider (Fixr) to ensure you can buy and sell tickets safely at this link.

How to list your Bournemouth 7s ticket for resale

Step 1: Head to www.tixel.com/sell

Step 2: Select ‘I have a PDF

Step 3: Follow the prompts to upload your PDF to Tixel and then nominate how many tickets you would like to sell.

I've sold my ticket. What happens next?

Once your ticket has sold, you will need to transfer the ticket directly to the buyer through your Fixr account. You can grab your buyer’s email through the buyer/seller chat and follow this Fixr FAQ. Once completed, please upload a screenshot to the buyer/seller chat and share the Fixr transfer link with your buyer via the chat. Your funds will be available to withdraw after the event.

I've purchased a ticket on Tixel, how will I receive my ticket?

Once you have purchased your ticket, your seller will transfer the ticket to you through their Fixr account. In order to receive the ticket, you will need to follow the transfer link provided by your seller and create a FIxr account. Once your account is set up, your ticket will be available to download directly from your Fixr account.