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End of the Road Festival 2022 resale FAQ

Tixel is the official reseller for End of the Road Festival 2022 and has worked closely with End of the Road and their ticketing providers to ensure you can buy and sell tickets safely at this link.

If you still need help after following the steps in this article, please feel free to select "Get in touch" at the bottom of this page and our support staff will help troubleshoot.

How can I list my tickets for sale if E-tickets have not yet been released?

We have worked closely with End of the Road and TicketSellers to enable you to list your order confirmation safely, instead of PDF tickets. Buyers will receive new tickets and barcodes in their own name and all tickets sold on the platform are invalidated, so sellers will not receive those tickets when E-tickets are released.

Step 1: Head to www.tixel.com/sell

Step 2: Select ‘In my email’

Step 3: Forward your TicketSellers order confirmation email and follow the prompts.

Why am I unable to list my TicketSellers order confirmation for resale on Tixel?

The subject line of your Ticketsellers confirmation email should be "Thank you for ordering with TicketSellers(Order ID xxxxxxx)" Please note that your "invoice" email from TicketSellers cannot be forwarded to Tixel as this email does not contain your full order details.

If you have purchased a payment plan ticket (deposit/balance), please forward your confirmation for the balance payment and you will be able to list your ticket for the total price paid.