How to list your Under The South...

How to list your Under The Southern Stars tickets

The best way to list your ticket is by following the below steps:

  1. Click on Sell my Ticket
  2. Click on the Eventbrite logo

  1. Log into the Eventbrite account where you purchased the original ticket

  1. Select the ticket you want to sell by clicking the toggle on the ticket and follow the prompts

Some things to keep in mind

In step 3, the Eventbrite account you connect must be same email address you purchased the ticket under. If you have connect the wrong Eventbrite account the ticket will not be verified and therefore will not allow you to continue listing your ticket.

If you have connected the wrong eventbrite account, you can jump into the 'Apps' section of your Tixel account and disconnect the account linked and re-connect the correct account.