Discover The Best Local New Zealand Concerts

Not only does New Zealand produce a whole lotta DnB, but heaps of home-grown Indie-Rock, Psych-Pop, Electronic, Rap and Reggae. We’ve gone into the depths of NZ home-town sounds and compiled a list of upcoming gigs, from October-November and even some sneaky Summer festivals. We’ve included bands ranging from the ranks like LEISURE, Mako Road, The Beths who have made it into the hearts of not only the radio station Triple J but a lot of young aussies, Jordan Luck Band who will be performing a stacked tour throughout New Zealand, Princess Chelsea, Mazbou Q, a UK born, Tāmaki Makaurau based, Nigerian Kiwi rapper, Soaked Oats, Marlin’s Dreaming, a compilation event showcasing the upcoming acts at Welcome to Nowhere, entitled “Road to Nowhere”, featuring, Goya, Soft Plastics, Space Bats Attack! and Bathysphere, The Butlers are performing their “Mid Winter Tour” with There’s A Tuesday and finally, L.A.B at Horncastle Arena! Festivals in New Zealand happening throughout Summer that are showcasing some of the artists listed + more include, Welcome To Nowhere, Le Currents, Tora Bombora and Splore Festival. All of the festivals look like they’re gonna go off!! Grab some tickets and have fun NZ!