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About Bastille

Bastille is an alternative music project from London. At first, their music was hard to contain and be placed under a single label. With joyful music energy and dramatic emotions conveyed through their music, Bastille managed to reach success with their single "Pompeii" in 2013. The track peaked the UK Singles Charts on the number two spot and helped the band disperse their music album across the world. And Pompeii wasn't all that Bastille ever achieved. Once the solo project of Dan Smith, Bastille transformed into a full-fledged alternative band that produced moving tracks with a touch of 80s synth flavor to them. Bastille's debut album "Bad Blood" was their most successful to date, and helped the band progress on their unique sound. They worked on tracks in collaboration with electronic music artists such as Marshmello in 2019, opening new unimaginable frontiers for the band.

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