Canceled: Joan Shelley at White Eagle Hall – here are your options

Dear ticket holder,

Unfortunately Joan Shelley at White Eagle Hall on 10/17/2020 (originally rescheduled from 5/9/2020) has been canceled.

The music industry is going through hard times of unprecedented scale. We invested a lot of money in the preparations and marketing for the show, and most of it is non-refundable. At this time, we ask for your support.

Please kindly take a look at the list of options available and tell us about your preference.

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Please pick one of the available options:

Voucher coupon

We can give you a voucher coupon that you can use towards a ticket to any of our future events. The coupon will be for 125% the value of the ticket you purchased (an additional $5/ticket).


These are difficult times for the event industry. If you can afford to waive your refund, your funds will go towards helping our team create exciting events in the future.


If you are in a financial situation where you need the money, it's also possible to get a full refund into your card. Refund amount is going be $-.

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