Action Requred: The Slackers at White Eagle Hall – here are your options

Dear ticket holder,

On November 24th, we announced The Slackers at White Eagle Hall on December 4th (originally scheduled for March 27th) had been canceled.

The music industry is going through hard times of unprecedented scale. We invested a lot of time and money in the preparations and marketing for the show, and most of it is non-refundable. At this time, we ask for your support.

Please kindly take a look at the list of options available by clicking the link below. If we don’t hear from you by January 23rd, we will assume that you have opted to donate the cost of your ticket. All proceeds from donations will go towards helping us re-open the venue and preserve jobs. We are so grateful for everyone’s support during this difficult time.

Sell my ticket Sell

Please pick one of the available options:

Voucher coupon

We would love to have you back for a future show after we re-open. We can give you a voucher coupon now that you can use towards a ticket to any of our future events. The coupon code would be used to purchase a ticket to an event at White Eagle Hall on Eventbrite at a future time. The coupon will be for the full value of the ticket you purchased.


These are difficult times for the event industry. We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from folks who have chosen donations for our other shows considering how this pandemic has impacted everyone. If you can afford to waive your refund, please consider donating your funds towards helping our team create exciting events in the future. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for that donation. Your contribution will help re-open the venue and preserve jobs.


We completely understand if you choose to request a refund. We would have loved to have you at our venue for this event. If you do choose a refund, we ask that you please be patient and bear with us.  Kindly avoid calling Eventbrite or your credit card company disputing the charge after you have made this selection, as credit card companies penalize us for disputes.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic being an unprecedented event, the refund process is completely manual, and we have minimal staffing support from Eventbrite during this time.  We will accumulate the responses and will process the refunds within the next 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience.

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