We help you protect your fans, save time on support and increase sales.

We make it easy to track ticket statistics, export rich customer data and utilize tools to help maximise the revenue and reach of an event.

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Protect your fans

Avoid troubles at the door

Market leading security features ensure fans receive a valid ticket and don’t get stuck at the door.

Putting scammers out of action

Tickets can only be sold at a maximum of 10% above the original price. Help us say goodbye to opportunistic scalpers.

No fakes

All E-tickets are tested to make sure they have not been modified or tampered with. Our unique scanning technology ensures there are no fake tickets sold through the platform.

Understand your fans

Gain customer insights

Learn more about your customers by accessing customer insights and analytics. Log in to our industry portal to see what artists your fans are listening to, which venues they prefer and more.


Our powerful marketing tools help spread your reach to the right audience, helping you sell more tickets.

Access your audience

Track all transactions, export your customer list, enter your Facebook pixel and use marketing tools to spread the reach of your event.

Get the most out of your event

Get more people through the door

Sell more tickets for events with extra capacity, maximise the value of sold out event and increase check in-rates.

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