About Tixel (formerly VibeWire)

Tixel is your second shot at tickets

Tixel is a verified fan-to-fan marketplace for tickets and it’s saving music fans from despair around the world. Tixel verifies tickets before they’re listed and caps prices so it’s fair for everyone – whether you’re buying or selling. And if you are selling, your ticket is listed in front of keen fans who are ready to buy. Tixel helps you buy and sell tickets in just a few clicks, and sign up to specific gigs to get notified as soon as tickets are listed.

The Anti-Dave to missing out on tickets

Bloody Dave. You should never have let him organise tickets. “Sorry, dude. My internet was slow and they sold out so fast.” Whatever. Thank god for Tixel – the Anti-Dave to missing out on tickets. You may’ve missed out on the first drop, but there’s no way you’re missing this gig. And absolutely no way you’ll pay triple to some flaky guy you found online for what could turn out to be a fake ticket. And begging friends on Facebook to let you know if anyone had a spare ticket leaves too much to chance. Luckily, you found the gig on Tixel, bought tickets and had them transferred into your name in the time it took Dave to conjure another excuse.

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Platform support

We continuously add support for more ticketing platforms. At the moment Tixel can recognise all major ticket vendors popular in Australia and New Zealand:

Tixel supports Eventbrite tickets
Tixel supports Ticketmaster tickets
Tixel supports Moshtix tickets
Tixel supports OzTix tickets
Tixel supports Ticketek tickets
Tixel supports Ticketbooth tickets
Tixel supports Resident Advisor tickets
Tixel supports Front Gate tickets

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