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April 3rd, 2021

About Lenny Kravitz

Rock'n'roll never sounded as sweeter except when arising as retro guitar sounds of Lenny Kravitz. "Let Love Rule" was Lenny's ticket into bringing some glam and sensuality into the undying style. Full of sensuality and sex appeal, the New York rock-star became a mainstream sensation. Not since the mid-'70s, has the rock and roll scene seen such a rousing sound. Combining elements of psychedelia and glam and wrapping his musical wonder into an energy fueling performance, Lenny Kravitz reached the peak of the industry. He won multiple Grammy Awards between 1999 and 2002 for his rework of "American Woman" that reached Billboard charts in over five countries, including the US. Lenny Kravitz continued on his pathway of doing rock-n-roll and revitalizing it for the upcoming millennium.

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