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The missing
piece in your
ticketing strategy

Tixel's organiser platform is designed to ensure no-shows are a no-go. Fans are never left behind and tickets are never left unsold. Plug into Tixel to customise your event page, access extra margin tools to optimise revenue, and leverage the dynamic waitlist.

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Ultimate fan
flexibility and protection

We know you live and die by fan experience, and so do we. We go the extra mile to protect fans with our award-winning SafeScan Technology, many primary ticketing integrations and buyer guarantee.

That’s why we’re trusted by artists, festivals, event organisers and fans from Melbourne to London, Amsterdam to LA, and Auckland to New York.

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extra revenue

The holy grail of any fixed inventory event is a sell-out at the best possible price. That’s where Tixel comes in. Get real time data on pricing and demand for every event, and unlock additional revenue.

It’s demand meets supply meets Tixel!

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Corrective Pricing

We know you can't get the pricing right all the time, but with Tixel, you now have the ability to sell into a quantified secondary market demand.

Margin Uplift

Increase revenue per ticket sold by leveraging demand.

Enhanced primary sales

Adding another sales channel and encouraging primary sales.

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ticketing control

Every ticketing campaign is unique.

That’s why we’ve given you all that you need to control every element of the ticketing campaign after on-sale. This puts you in the driver's seat. You set the rules.

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dynamic waitlist
that works for you

For a long time, ticket waitlists have been a static experience for event organisers and fans. That’s why Tixel has reimagined the waitlist to create a better experience that fans will love — while also adding real fire-power to your ticketing campaigns.

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Seamless set up
at any stage of your campaign

Supports all major ticketing companies, Works across any event, sold out or not.

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We already partner with some of the greatest events in the world.