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The straightforward lyricist, Ari Lennox, is a music statement that's unraveling before your ears. She's the first female singer to sign to Dremaville Records, and she's making the record proud and mighty! She made her official music debut on the label in 2016 with her EP "Pho," and in 2019, her golden soulful voice gave birth to "Shea Butter Baby." Her album debut entered the Billboard 200 chart, with one of the tracking being featured in Creed II. Ari Lennox's sound is soft, calming, with elements of neo-soul. Each of her tracks sounds like a hangout place, a warm and cozy place where her music brings friends close together. Her soul-wave sound sets her apart from the rest of the crowd. It's a statement of an upper-echelon quality that's bound to produce much much more!

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