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About Backstreet Boys

Boy bands are a thing of the past, but the legacy of Backstreet Boys as the number one boy band in the world still lives to this day. In a time when vocal groups ruled TV and radio stations, Backstreet Boys were the caviar of their music generation. Tracks like "I Like It That Way" and "Everybody" were an instant hit, topping charts across the globe, and loved by every teenager across the world. They were the first iteration of pop music icons like we have today, only they came in the form of a five-piece band. Backed by their good looks, syncronizing dance moves, and the golden voice of Nick Carter, every Backstreet Boys fan could resonate with at least one of the band members. And it seems that history is repeating itself once again as the Backstreet Boys are making a comeback and boy bands are emerging into the music scene once more!