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JPEGMAFIA is a confrontational rapper that's piling up lyrical stock only to let it rip unconventionally. Hailing from New York, JPEGMAFIA is a straight forward lyricist. Bold and amusing, his rapping is experimental and alterantive. It's a kind of statement that tackles all cultural sectors and doesn't take any shit for it! His records don't sound linear. Layered with Indian, Jamaican sound influences, JPEGMAFIA works his musical magic around that.
A rap villain for most, but a true hip-hop preacher at heart, he's into some weird hip-hop sounds, and that's seen in every album that he released since 2016. With three albums under his belt, JPEGMAFIA, 2018 "Veteran" album labeled him as a twisted rapper with more than just crunchy lyrics. He's an underground rap visionist, and he's toying with his records, and that's what makes him a bizarre character in the world of hip hop.

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