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About My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance is an alternative rock band formed in 2001. With influences from punk, metal, screamo, and emocore, their music is portrayed as a violently gratifying metal. The band's lead vocalist, Gerard Way, pushed the group to create an experimental sound full of essence that can touch the hearts of young adults. The 2006 "The Black Parade" album was a defining moment in their music career. It contained a wicked sounding style and heart-melting lyrics that broke from the band's standard alternative roots. Well received by critics and fans alike, My Chemical Romance has become a symbol for the young emo generations in the mid-2000s with a track such as "Welcome To The Black Parade". The band dissolved in 2013 after 11 years together. They got back together in 2019, with their first performance taking place in Los Angeles. Despite the high ticket price, their show sold out in minutes!