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Bret McKenzie is a New Zealand musician, comedian, actor, producer, and Academy Award-winning songwriter. He was a founding member of musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords with fellow New Zealander, Jemaine Clement, and starred in the television series of the same name. McKenzie has also composed and written music for film. He is the music producer on The Muppets Movie soundtrack album, for which he earned an Academy Award for the Best Original Song in 2012 for the song "Man or Muppet". McKenzie has acted in many films, such as The Hobbit trilogy, Would You Rather, and The Interview. He is also known for providing the voice of the character “Fritz", in the English adaptation of the 2001 animated Japanese film Spirited Away. McKenzie is an active humanitarian and has supported both Amnesty and Oxfam, establishing himself as a sought-after public speaker in New Zealand. He currently

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