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If you haven't heard the name Fisher before, you've undoubtedly heard "Losing It" blast all over the clubs. It's one of the most played records of 2019 and 2018. And yes, it's Fisher's track! Hailing from Australia, Fisher gave birth to a tech-house juggernaut track that caught the world by storm. His track was even nominated at the 61st edition of the Grammy Awards. Fisher was a pro surfer in Australia before pursuing a career in the electronic music industry, and it seems that he's riding the wave of his life ever since "Losing It" released back in 2018. He plays a laid back; no fucks given type of tech-house that amounted him in releasing one of the years hottest dance music tracks. His track transcended the underground and has become an anthem for young and old audiences to get loose on the dancefloor.

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