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March 31st, 2021

About George Benson

A music prodigy ever since he was a child, George Benson went on to create a music career as a solo guitar player. Born with the rhythm in his blood, George is an accomplished musician that embraced style diversity. Using the stroke-pinch technique, well-formed guitar solos, and with a high tenor voice, Geroge is a living music legend. He reached his stride by the mid-'70s, hitting the top 10 album charts. He released the disco-pop anthem "Give Me The Night," which saw a massive success, topping the Billboard charts of that year. The song has become a disco classic, and so has George. His star shines brightly on the Hollywood Hall of Fame Boulevard. George Benson's music career was nothing but spectacular. He was an idol in the 70 as well as the 80's with his TV worthy music appearances and danceable disco and pop music.

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