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About Gipsy Kings

Known internationally for their catchy rumba and pop anthems such as "Djobi Djoba" or "Bamboléo" the Gipsy Kings's sprung into the international attention ever since their third album. Located in France, but with Spanish and Latino heritage, the Gipsy Kings played a Catalan-rumba and pop flamenco, which included the likes of Pablo Picasso or Milles David among their followers. Coming from a gypsy family, their music passionate, enticing, and, most of all, liveable. Their 1987 self-titled album was an instant success in the US, staying in the charts for over 40 weeks. And who can blame the music curators? Their music was in the right tune, it delivered emotional states, and was meant to be danced! Limited to a brief moment of success, their most sought after tracks are still making the rounds across radio-waves to this day!

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