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Tixel + Superstruct UK: “A huge success for our promoters”

Superstruct UK Festivals is a leading global live entertainment platform. Their award-winning UK portfolio attracts over 1.7 million fans every year, dominating the cultural calendar with legendary festivals including Boardmasters, Kendal Calling, Tramlines, Y Not and Truck, plus new offerings such as Christmas at Bute Park and Northern Lights Newcastle.

With such a huge breadth of events comes incredible complexities to navigate. They needed a partner that could tailor solutions to unique events across multiple ticketing platforms and audiences. 

By teaming up with Tixel, participating Superstruct UK festivals were able to offer a secure platform for their audiences to resell tickets, while also creating a commercially successful partnership for their festivals on a large scale.

Highlights from 2023 include: 
  • Moving over 15,000 tickets seamlessly with a consistent fan experience across 8 events and 4 different ticketing platforms
  • Direct access to fans with intent to buy tickets, reducing refund requests and opening new sales channels for festival promoters to drive revenue 
  • Bespoke solutions for complex operational setups (from hard copy tickets to personalised to digital)

“Tixel is a smooth, professional operation and we’re really pleased with the partnership we’ve had across selected  Superstruct UK festivals. Each festival has its own nuances and sales cycle and Tixel take the time to listen and adapt as needed. Tixel have created the unique strategies needed to best support each festival with the ultimate goal of providing a great service to festival fans..” 

Chris McCormick, Brand Partnerships Director,  Superstruct UK

Resale that works in tandem with primary ticketing

Without a secure platform, ticket resale can be rife with opportunistic scams and scalping. To protect fans, Tixel has been partnering directly with events and ticketing platforms to create the most secure and user-friendly experience imaginable. 

With direct integrations with major ticketing platforms across the globe, Tixel can eliminate fraud and double-scanning by reissuing new tickets for events when they are on-sold. For Superstruct UK, that means they can offer a consistent experience to their fans regardless of which event they attended or where they purchased primary tickets. 

Improving the ticketing experience for both fans and festivals

Tixel is best known for its fan-loved resale marketplace. But Tixel has also been built to support event organisers and promoters — helping to reduce refunds, improve communication and sell out inventory at the best possible price. 

With verified resale, festival organisers have one clear place to send anyone who wants to sell a ticket or buy when they’re sold out. This streamlines communications and reduces the burden on event staff, directing all resale enquiries to Tixel. 

This also gives Superstruct UK and their festival partners direct access to real-time data on pricing and demand for every event. Waitlist fans are given the option to pre-auth the amount they want to spend on tickets if they become available.

“It was good to know that no matter where or when someone bought a ticket, they could use Tixel to on-sell spare tickets without needing to rely on refunds. With over 11,000 people on our waitlist, it ensured tickets went directly to fans of the festival and was a safe option to purchase verified tickets. We always urge customers to use Tixel and stop losing out on money to touts. The team are great to work with and the more people that know about Tixel, the better.” 

Gabrielle Williams, Boardmasters Festival Director

“There was a noticeable drop in refund requests and a big improvement in the whole fan experience. Having a clear place to direct people allowed us to maintain really clear comms which made the process on the ground seamless too. It’s great that we can use Tixel to guarantee we get these people to the event if we can.” 

Y Not Festival 

Partnerships that strike a chord

With a huge roster of events of every size across the UK, Europe, US and Australia, Tixel is the go-to partner for promoters looking to supercharge their ticketing strategy and fan experience.

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