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Social distancing measures at events are here to stay. For some events, this means going to great lengths to keep people apart, such as drive-in festivals. But most events can’t afford to park a car between everyone. For events and venues without huge spaces, social distancing will mean adapting plans and reducing capacity. And without the right planning, losing money.

Shrinking attendance creates its own challenges when trying to make money on an event. Less people at your event means:

  • Decrease in profit on standard ticket prices
  • Less opportunity to generate revenue from sales across the bar and retail 
  • No-shows have more impact on your business

When capacity is restricted by social distancing, you want your attendance to be as high as possible. You want to plan to scale up your events quickly if the situation changes and capacity can increase. But there are financial risks with this move, especially if you are considering a venue change or adding extra dates. After months of not earning income from live events, you need to be making informed decisions and avoid leaving money on the table if demand is there. 

By gauging demand and tapping into a ready-to-go fanbase, you can stay flexible with your planning to give your event the best chance of making money.

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