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About Against Me!

They don't make punk music as they did and Against Me! has successfully challenged those known punk norms. It started as an acoustic project of Laura Jane Grace, which took a liking to anarcho-punk. Against Me! Transformed into a full-fledged punk band with some unusual patterns. By the mid and late 2000s Against Me! were right up there on the alternative and punk scene, headlining Warped Tour and singing in revolt. With Jane coming our as a transgender woman in 2012, the message of Against Me!'s songs shifted towards more close to home matters. In 2014, they independently released their high acclaimed and socially defining album " Transgender Dysphoria Blues." While the band message changed over the years, their anarch passion and Jane's grating voice remained the same. Their songs became softer, more towards rock, but their words were similarly powerful.

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