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March 20th, 2020

About Lacuna Coil

Formed in Italy, in the late '90s, Lacuna Coil is a gothic band that quickly took over the world with their alternative rhythms and resounding metal track. Their sound serves a complete package. The group changed their name two times before deciding on the current form of Lacuna Coil. Wrapped in a flattering live performance that leaves their audience craving more, they've kept a melodic metal sound that alternates between male and female voice. The result of their music variety comes in the form of melodies heavily focus on guitar layovers. In an era when metal rock is overshadowed by electronic interpretations of rock, such as dubstep or trap, Lacuna Coil's gothic metal remained relevant for the industry. They've been nominated in 2006 at the MTV Music Awards, toured internationally, and peaked the Billboard 200 chart in 2012 on the 15th spot!

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