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Tixel is the best way to sell DICE tickets to genuine buyers at a fair price.

Tixel is the best way to sell DICE tickets to genuine buyers at a fair price. Trusted by event lovers around the world, Tixel has helped hundreds of thousands of people change their plans — without getting short-changed.

Tixel is a safe ticket marketplace to trade tickets from DICE. Tixel is compatible with DICE, allowing you to list tickets for any DICE event. It's as simple as that.

To resell an DICE ticket, simply login to your account and select which tickets you wish to list for sale. If you've forgotten your account details, never fear — we also accept official email and PDF tickets from DICE.

Unlike auction and classifieds websites, Tixel’s ticket resale offers advanced protection to both sellers and buyers — protecting fans from scammers and time-wasters. We use modern, anti-fraud technology and hang on to tickets until payment is received.

It’s ticket resale without the hassle. No bad vibes, just money back for any DICE tickets you no longer need.

Tixel is available to all DICE ticket types and all events: Music, sports, food & drink, arts, festivals, conferences, seminars, and more. If you bought it on DICE, you can sell it on Tixel.

How to sell your DICE ticket:

DICE keep all tickets in customer's mobile apps to prevent ticket brokers and scalpers from touting and to protect fans. There are no files (PDFs) or printed tickets issued to customers at any stage, instead the mobile app acts as a ticket itself – you show your phone screen at the gate to get in.

It's very easy to list DICE tickets for resale on Tixel. Just have your phone ready and head to the DICE ticket listing page. First, enter the phone number associated with your DICE account and click "Continue".

On the next page you have to provide a DICE verification code – a code that verifies that it's you and not somebody else. To obtain this code, click on the link, it's going to take you to the DICE login page.

Enter your phone number again on the DICE login page and you will receive a numeric verification code shortly, either by email or by an SMS message.

When you do, don't enter it on the DICE website – you are not trying to log in here. Instead, head back to the Tixel page and enter the code there.

Enter the code you received from DICE and click "Load tickets" - you should be able to see all your active valid DICE tickets and be able to make a listing.

What happens after I resell a DICE ticket?

After you sell your DICE ticket on Tixel, we will ask you to transfer it to the buyer, to their DICE account so that they can attend the event or resell the ticket again, if they are unable to go. Once transferred, ticket is going to leave your DICE account which helps avoid any confusion later on.