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COVID Safe Events: Download the Free Event Staff Contact Tracing Template

For ticketed events, contact tracing probably feels like the easiest part of running a COVID Safe event. But being compliant with contact tracing means more than your online ticketing data. Here are two other important details you shouldn’t overlook, and how to tackle them before your next event. 

#1: Tickets that end up in different hands

Plans change (especially in 2020!), so not everyone who buys a ticket will make your event. In fact, on average one in every five tickets sold will be resold to someone else. If these tickets wind up on platforms like Gumtree or social media, you have no way of updating your ticketing data and as many as 20% of your contacts will be inaccurate. 

Tixel has an easy fix for that. By providing a legitimate resale option for fans to sell tickets they can’t use, Tixel can securely transfer tickets between fans who can’t go and those who want to. You’ll receive the same information as the primary ticket holder, ensuring your records are always up to date. This will keep your marketing data accurate — and your contact tracing in check. 

#2: On-site staff, vendors, and volunteers

Events need manpower to run. Your event could have anything from a handful of employed staff to a complex team of vendors, volunteers, security and cleaners — many of whom don’t work directly for you. It’s important that this isn’t overlooked, because COVID Safe contact tracing requires you to keep a record of all persons on-site, not just your attendees.  

To make this easier for you, we’ve created a simple Event Staff Contact Tracing Template. Use this template to keep a record of all event personnel, their site entry/exit times, the company they’re affiliated with, and where they were located on site. 

To download a free copy of this template, simply enter your details below and we’ll send a copy to your inbox. 

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