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Facebook Pixel for Event Organisers


Facebook advertising is an integral part of the marketing mix for event organisers around the world. Marketing teams are always looking for more data on customers to gain an edge. Facebook’s Pixel and Tixel’s integration allows just that.

What Is The Facebook Pixel

Facebook’s Pixel is a tiny piece of code that logs someone has viewed a particular website or piece of content and what they did on the page (i.e if they converted, added to cart, viewed a video). 

How Can It Help Your Event

Once you have added the Facebook pixel to your website, Facebook page, instagram and other channels you are able to create Audiences to deliver advertising content to. 

The Facebook Pixel is particularly handy for event marketing purposes as for example you can:

  • Follow up on users who did not convert (purchase a ticket for your event)
  • Upsell to those who did covert (vip passes, glamping etc)
  • Advertise your new event to users who have purchased tickets in the past.

How Does Tixel Help

Aside from providing a safe and scam free resale experience with money back guarantee for fans, Tixel’s integration allows you to place your Facebook Pixel on your events Tixel page. Normally resale is completely out of the event organisers hands and they are unable to have any visibility or gather any data.

But by using Tixel you are able to gather new audiences for use in your facebook marketing. For example: 

  • People who have joined your event’s Tixel Waitlist. A perfect audience for advertising a second release of tickets or new date to!
  • People who have bought a Ticket on Tixel. Add this audience to your existing audience of primary ticket purchasers to gain a more complete understanding and better targeting for future events.

Please note that Tixel obtains express consent from its buyers, and the price at which they are willing to buy is only shared with event organisers.

How Do I Do That!

First you will need to set up your event on Tixel. Get in touch to get started.

From there it’s as simple as entering your Pixel ID in our promoter back end.

If you need help finding your Pixel ID read this article from Facebook!