How To Ticket Resale

How to resell a Ticketek ticket

Ticketek is one of the largest ticketing platforms in the world, covering major music, sport, theatre and comedy events. Chances are you have used a Ticketek-issued ticket at least once to go to a major event.

Tixel allows you to resell your Ticketek tickets in a few simple steps. Simply:

  1. Find your ticket.
  2. Upload your ticket.
  3. List your ticket.

If you already have your ticket simply click through to start reselling your Ticketek ticket.

Mobile/SMS Ticket Upload

In case you opted for a mobile ticket when you made the purchase, you have two options:

PDF Ticket Upload

To sell your Ticketek ticket on Tixel, you must first upload a PDF file.

When you bought your ticket(s), Ticketek sent you an email with a file attachment — a PDF file that contains one or more tickets. If you haven’t received that email or if you deleted it by accident, you can download the very same PDF file by logging into your Ticketek account and going to the “Order history”.

It’s very important to note here that Tixel doesn’t accept PDF files that were manipulated in any way — you cannot use a text or graphic editor to, let’s say, cut out some of the pages.

You can select which tickets you would like to sell on Tixel anyway.

Once you have your PDF file ready, click “Sell tickets” in the top menu, you will be presented with a file upload dialogue.

Listing Your Tickets

Once you have uploaded your PDF or linked your SMS/Mobile Tickets, you will be redirected to a ticket and price selection prompt:

Choose tickets that you are planning to sell by clicking the red toggle on the ticket stub. You will see details of every ticket — eg. date, price, address, barcode, page number and buyer name to help you understand what is what.

After you chose tickets to sell, use the price slider to adjust your selling price. There is no minimum price but the maximum price is capped at 10% over the face value, meaning if you bought your ticket for 100 dollars, you can only sell it for 110 dollars or less.

Why do we cap prices like that? Because Tixel is a platform for music fans selling tickets to other fans, there is no place for scalpers or otherwise ill intended people.

What follows is pretty straight forward — we will ask you for your personal details such as full name and address, and bank account details where we should transfer your money. If you are already a Tixel user, you won’t need to enter all this data again, of course.

That’s it — after the final confirmation your ticket listing goes live! We had occasions where tickets got sold a couple of minutes after they got listed, how cool is that?


We use our proprietary Safe Scan tech to ensure any uploaded PDF file is a real Ticketek ticket.

We verify all buyers and keep your tickets safe until a buyer has succesfully transferred funds.