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How To Enjoy Your Favourite Artists Live During Covid

It’s not news that the events industry has struggled in the pandemic. The only way to keep your favourite events and artists in business now is to keep buying tickets and hang on to them whenever you can. 

But when you’re not sure what you’ll be doing next week let alone next month, buying event tickets suddenly seems like a bigger commitment than it used to be. So before you take the plunge on the next big festival or seeing your fav artist for the first time in forever, read this quick FAQ on events during covid to find out how to change your plans without getting short-changed. 

What should I do with an event ticket I can no longer use?

Not all ticket purchases are eligible for refunds, so the best way to recoup your cash is to on-sell spare tickets to another fan. Doing this over unauthorised platforms such as social media and auction sites has always carried risks, but now there is a better way: Tixel. Although Tixel cannot guarantee entry to the event, we take measures make Tixel a safe and scam free resale experience with money back guarantee.

Listing event tickets for sale on is: 


No time wasters, no haggling — just a simple way to buy and resell spare tickets to any event. With live, dynamic waitlists, most popular events have fans ready to buy tickets right away. 


Tixel caps prices at 10% over face value to prevent scalping. And by partnering with events and guaranteeing transactions, no one gets ripped off. Ever. 


Tixel’s Safe Scan verifies tickets and reissues a unique barcode for all sales — which aims to block all fakes, duplicates and altered tickets (and although Tixel cannot assure entry to events, there is the added protection of a money back guarantee). 

Got a ticket to sell? See how it works here. 

What if I get sick or need to self-isolate before an event? 

If you’ve been affected by COVID-19, you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned cash, even if an event has a no-refunds policy. If you need to isolate, feel unwell, or can’t meet new vaccine requirements in time for an event — you can list your ticket on Tixel at any time. 

We have even seen fans successfully sell tickets for days 2-3 of a multi-day festival after becoming unwell on day one. So while they missed out on a great show, they didn’t lose out on the value of their ticket. 

How can I score tickets to sold out gigs?

With loads more people needing flexibility, it’s easier than ever to score a last-minute ticket to a sold-out event. And with capped pricing, you won’t pay through the nose for it either. 

Simply sign up to the waitlist for your favourite events to be notified when spare tickets become available to buy. You can even pre-authorise an amount to snap up tickets the moment they are listed at the right price. 

Tixel scans tickets to ensure they are legit and, depending on the ticketing company, will issue you a fresh new barcode, so there’s minimised risk when buying a second-hand ticket from another fan.

Buy Safe. Sell Easy.

Check out what’s on sale in your local area or list a ticket at