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The best way for fans to
buy and sell tickets

Easy and secure
ticket resale.

Burn free, guaranteed

Don’t get burned by fakes or scams. We scan all tickets to ensure they are legit. If your tickets aren’t what you paid for, you’re protected with Tixel’s money-back guarantee.

Capped pricing

All sales are capped at 10% above face value, so scalpers/touts and price-gouging is a thing of the past.

Waitlists that work

Never miss a hot ticket with instant notifications and calling dibs on new ticket listings.

Step 1 Upload your spare ticket/s

List a ticket here by uploading or selecting the tickets you want to sell.

Step 2 Adjust the price

Remember, we cap resale prices to keep things fair.

Step 3 Confirm and share

When your ticket listing is live our event waitlist is notified and you’ll get a link to share on social media or give to any interested buyers.

Step 4 Get paid

Tickets are only given to the buyer once they have paid: no risk, no waiting for someone to make the first move. We hold funds until after the event where you’ll get paid straight into your bank account.

Sell a ticket

How to sell
an event ticket on Tixel

Change your plans without getting short-changed

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Why Tixel is the best place to
buy tickets

Access sold-out gigs and events, without the risk

Never miss out on tickets to the hottest sold-out events

Sign up for notifications, or get in first by calling dibs on the next available tickets. Simply pre-authorise the quantity you want and amount you want to spend to automatically snag tickets the moment they are listed.

Always fair, always protected

We cap prices to make sure you never get ripped off. Tixel’s anti-fraud technology and buyer guarantee ensures you are always protected from fakes, scams, and scalpers.

We partner with events and ticketing platforms

We support artists and the events industry by working together to verify tickets and provide the best experience possible for fans.

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Phone with simple Tixel app on it

Tixel was made with
event organisers
in mind

Take charge, stay fair, sell out sooner.

With complete oversight over both primary and secondary ticket markets, Tixel gives event organisers powerful, more accurate insights. You’ll also access an event dashboard, revealing new buyers and market intelligence. All while protecting your fans from scams and price-gouging.

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