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Tixel is a trusted platform for safely selling Eventbrite tickets at fair prices.

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Tixel is the best way to sell Eventbrite tickets to genuine buyers at a fair price.

Tixel is the best way to sell Eventbrite tickets to genuine buyers at a fair price. Trusted by event lovers around the world, Tixel has helped hundreds of thousands of people change their plans — without getting short-changed.

Tixel is a safe ticket marketplace to trade tickets from Eventbrite. Tixel is compatible with Eventbrite, allowing you to list tickets for any Eventbrite event. It's as simple as that.

To resell an Eventbrite ticket, simply login to your account and select which tickets you wish to list for sale. If you've forgotten your account details, never fear — we also accept official email and PDF tickets from Eventbrite.

Unlike auction and classifieds websites, Tixel’s ticket resale offers advanced protection to both sellers and buyers — protecting fans from scammers and time-wasters. We use modern, anti-fraud technology and hang on to tickets until payment is received.

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Tixel is available to all Eventbrite ticket types and all events: Music, sports, food & drink, arts, festivals, conferences, seminars, and more. If you bought it on Eventbrite, you can sell it on Tixel.