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Sell More Tickets Instantly With Tixel Pre-Auth

One of the toughest challenges for event organisers post Covid is needing to remain flexible around capacity.

At Tixel we’ve worked promoters, artists and venues over the past few months to develop a new tool to help sell more tickets and keep fans happy: pre authorised ticket purchases.

Power of Pre-Authorisation

Tixel offers a pre-authorisation function on tickets before they are listed. Fans can set the price that they’re willing to pay and how many they need, snapping up tickets the moment they’re listed. Fans are happy because they can access real tickets with no risk of fraud and as the event organiser, you can easily scale capacity knowing how many extra tickets will sell the moment they’re available.

For example, if you find out that you can sell 300 tickets, using Tixel will let you have instant access to pre-authorised ticket purchases from interested fans.

If you have additional tickets and want quick access to fans without having to increase your marketing, you can load these into Tixel to be purchased immediately by pre authorised fans.

Boost Your Marketing Database

Waitlists capture the details of eager fans, so you can communicate with them as soon as increased capacity is available or notify them of additional dates.

Reduce No Shows

No-shows don’t spend money. If you give fans the opportunity to safely sell their ticket to someone else, you can ensure that your tickets are in the hands of people who are going to show up to your event. People in the room are also great for promoting future events, as they will post photos and talk about it with friends.

Tixel helps you sell out your event, not your fans. Our legitimate fan resale marketplace plugs directly into some of the world’s most popular ticketing platforms, giving event organisers unique data insights, communication tools, and customer support for their resale market.