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12 Musicals in London You Should Not Miss

The best musicals in London take the audience into a magical world like no other. When the lights go down and the music begins, the whole theatre becomes a community. Dancers, singers, actors, producers, designers, composers, and all sorts of artists come together and join a live audience. As fun as musicals are, they take a lot of hard work. That’s why only a few cities in the world have a tradition in the genre. London is one of them. There is nothing in the world like seeing a live performance of your favorite musical in a fantastic theatre. No wonder people from all over the world travel to London just for that. You have to be here to believe it!

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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

West end shows are in a class of their own. The area has some of the best theatres in the world. Especially, Shaftesbury Avenue, lined with six theatres, including the Apollo where Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is running. Inspired by real-life events, this coming-of-age musical will make you want to be who you are. That is the basic premise. We won’t ruin the story for you. All we can say is that the cast is unbelievable. Let’s not forget the theatre. The Apollo opened in 1901 to great fanfare and is now a listed historic building. Constantly refurbished throughout its history, its state-of-the-art equipment guarantees the perfect experience.


Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cinderella is a completely new take on the classical story. Since its opening, the show has received stellar reviews. There is nothing subtle in this Cinderella. Everything is bold, huge, elevated, and grand. And the tunes are so very Lloyd Weber and catchy you will leave the theatre singing. The costumes deserve special mention for their opulence and elegance. One can only imagine the hours taken to produce just one. Genders, roles, stereotypes, everything is upside down! Cinderella plays at the Gillian Lynne Theatre. Built in 1973, it is one of the newest theatres in the West End. It was the first home of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats.


Hairspray at the London Coliseum is a classic in modern-day theatre. Though the show packs all the crazy and absurd needed in a musical, the story is quite thought-provoking and current. Fan-favorite songs like I Know Where I’ve Been have a new meaning in today’s world. The production is as lavish and as technically perfect as ever. The choreography, staging, sets, costumes, and lights bring a superb cast to life. Even if you have seen it before, you won’t stop laughing, clapping, and singing. The London Coliseum needs no introduction. It is probably the most luxurious theatre in the city. With its exuberant baroque façade and glitzy Byzantine interior, this is the perfect music venue in London for Hairspray.

Six: The Musical

Six premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017 to instant success. In just a couple of years, it conquered the world with productions in Broadway, Chicago, Australia, New Zealand, and a cruise ship. This is the story of the six wives of Henry VIII, as told by them. They do it under the beat of pop! Six proves that fun and powerful entertainment can carry a message and question society. No wonder that the Evening Standard called it the most uplifting piece of new British musical theatre.  The Arts opened in 1927 as a members-only club and became the smallest commercial West End theatre. Today, the venue has two rehearsal stages and a 60 seat theatre.

The Prince Of Egypt

Some London musical shows can be simple, while others are over-the-top technical marvels. The Prince of Egypt is an epic tale that includes the latest technology, special effects, and even live pyrotechnics. With over 60 artists on stage, it is one of the biggest productions in the city. The Prince of Egypt is based on the Dreamworks animation film by the same name. We believe it is much better than the film. This is the story of Ramses and his brother Moses in ancient Egypt. The Dominion Theatre was built in 1928-1929 and is now a listed building. Though upgraded to include modern-day conveniences, the Dominion retains its 1920s lights and art deco fixtures.

Anything Goes

Anything Goes is arguably Cole Porter’s best musical. The show debuted in 1934 and has been playing ever since all around the world. There is something in the story that appeals to all, and the music is timeless. Dozens of artists have covered songs from the show like You are the Top and I Get a Kick Out of You. Today’s production features 50 of the most talented artists musical theatre in London has to offer. Let’s not forget the full-size live orchestra and the spot-on costumes. The immense Barbican Center in London is the largest performing arts centre in Europe. It took 11 years to complete and opened in 1982. The jaw-dropping brutalist building includes the Barbican Hall, home of the London Symphony Orchestra. The theatre is the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The Lion King

It’s been 25 years since Disney’s The Lion King premiered and conquered the world. The musical opened on Broadway in 1997 and still running. In fact, it is the highest-grossing production in Broadway’s history. The Lion King musical premiered in London at the Lyceum Theatre in 1999, where it is still playing. Over 15 million people have seen the show. No wonder the show tours the world constantly and has earned over 8$ billion in its history. The Disney musical provides one of the most riveting and impressive experiences in London. Such a grand production needed a grand theatre. The Lyceum is a massive theatre in Westminster with a history dating back to 1765. Burned, rebuilt, refurbished, expanded, and always treasured, the iconic building is an attraction in itself.

Jersey Boys

The Jersey Boys has won it all: a Tony, a Lawrence Olivier, and a Grammy. The music is that good! It’s the story of the success and later collapse of the rock band The Four Seasons. Experts call it a jukebox musical. That is one with popular and well-known songs. Even if you haven’t heard of the band, you will love the show. Clint Eastwood loved it so much that he directed a movie by the same title in 2014. This is upbeat entertainment with a heart! Trafalgar Theatre dates back to the 1930s. However, following extensive renovations, it opened this year in all of its former glory. The owners chose Jersey Boys as the play to open their new fantastic theatre.

Come From Away

Though Come From Away is based on sombre events, it is a story that reminds us of the power of the human spirit. Following the tragic events of 9-11, dozens of planes carrying thousands of people were diverted to Canada. This is their story. The fantastic production story and the wonderful music have taken the world by storm. Today, the award-winning musical plays on Broadway, London’s West End, and Melbourne. The Phoenix is in Charing Cross Road, in the heart of Camden. While the exterior looks simple and neoclassical, the interior is as opulent as it gets. Inspired by Italian theatres, the venue has golden and red curtains, seats, and engravings. The acoustics are perfect.

Back to the Future

The musical is by the same authors of the hit 1985 movie Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. They promised a thrilling theatrical experience that will change the course of musical history. It did as promised when it opened shortly in Manchester in 2020. We all know what happened next. So, Back to the Future is back this year! The show includes beloved songs such as The Power of Love and Johnny B. Goode. In case you are wondering, yes, the DeLorean is there, and it rushes in at over 80mph. The show is at the Adelphi, a well-established theatre in the West End. The current building is the fourth on-site. The original one came up in 1806. Experts believe the first-ever Dickens adaptation took place in the Adelphi in 1834.

Heathers the Musical 

Heathers: The Musical premiered in London in 2017 to popular acclaim and controversy. No other show deals with horrible issues such as bullying, suicide, violence, and sexual assault in such an over-the-top campy way. That is why it is considered a brilliant dark comedy. In any case, the musical has become a cult classic. An album of the London production was released in 2018 and topped the UK soundtracks chart. Heathers: The Musical is back in London this year and will for sure make us think again. It will run in the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, one of the oldest theatres in the city. The original building came up in 1720, but its current appearance dates back to 1821. Though it has a seating capacity of over 800 spectators, locals still call it the little theatre.