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Ireland’s New Ticket Scalping Laws: How To Support Event-Goers With Secure and Legal Ticket Resale

Ireland has become the latest country to introduce measures that combat the dodgy dealings of ticketing scalping and touting — passing new laws from July 2021 that prohibit the sale of event tickets above face-value. Individuals in Ireland caught selling tickets above their original face value will face fines of up to €100,000 or a two-year jail term. 

Scalping laws are great news for both event organisers and attendees. They ensure that tickets are in the hands of people who intend to use them rather than those attempting to cash in on an event’s popularity.

Is ticket resale illegal in Ireland now?

Not if it’s done correctly! The new laws don’t mean that legitimate ticket resale is illegal or that tickets can never change hands — but it has to happen in a way that is fair and genuine. That means selling tickets at the same price they were sold at, or less. 

How can event organisers support legal ticket resale?

The reality is, there will always be people who honestly can’t use a ticket they have — as well as people who missed out on tickets but would still love to attend. As an event organiser, the last thing you want is these good folks penalised for the actions of bad actors taking advantage of your popularity. 

By not offering any ticket resale, you risk pushing attendees to unregulated platforms or having larger rates of no-shows at your event (hurting on-site revenue opportunities). 

The best solution for venues and event organisers is to partner with a secure and fair ticket resale platform, like Tixel, that offers fan-to-fan exchange with capped pricing. This lets you offer the flexibility of ticket resale for your event, while protecting attendees from scalpers and legal prosecution. 

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How Tixel can simplify ticket resale anywhere in the world

Tixel is an honest event marketplace for fans. We verify every ticket before it goes on sale and we cap pricing to ensure there is no price-gouging. 

With Tixel’s price cap, event organisers have a practical way of helping to enforce local legislation. Fans have a safe place to buy and sell second-hand tickets, without worrying about scalpers or violating the law. 

Tixel is live on the Eventbrite App Marketplace, and getting set up will only take a few clicks.

In the instance of events taking place in Ireland, we recommend that event organisers communicate to Irish fans that prices should be no higher than their original sale price. 

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Get transparency on your ticket resale market

When large volumes of tickets are purchased by scalpers or brokers, you lose all visibility on who is attending your event. This impacts your marketing data and any communication you need to get out to ticket holders such as date, venue, or lineup changes. Even in the instance of legitimate fan-to-fan ticket transfers, if this takes place on an online auction or classifieds website, you have no way of knowing who is showing up on the day.

Tixel offers a complete event dashboard, giving you x-ray vision on this audience that was once invisible. Our dynamic waitlists lets you see real-time demand for your tickets and potential attendees are notified as soon as a ticket becomes available. It’s ticket resale as it ought to be. 

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Take charge, stay fair

Tixel’s promoter tools allow you to take control of your ticket after-market, alongside primary ticketing. Our Safe Scan anti-fraud tech and capped pricing provides a fair place for fans to transfer tickets — while giving you tools to improve sales and sell out sooner.

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