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3 Easy Ways to Survive Event Rescheduling Without Losing Fans

Refunds aren’t the only way to survive an event change with your reputation intact. With the right moves and clear communication, you can keep fans happy, reduce refunds, and prevent customer enquiries from overwhelming your team.

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Skin on Skin Australian Tour

Brisbane-based artist Skin on Skin was supposed to launch 2020 with a sold-out tour but was quickly hit with lockdowns and travel restrictions. By partnering with Tixel, Skin on Skin gave ticket holders a simple and effective alternative to asking for a refund once the request window had closed —  keeping tickets in the hands of fans who could make the event.

Using Tixel’s dynamic waitlist feature, eager fans could register their details and snap up tickets the moment a ticket holder could no longer attend. As a result, Skin on Skin managed to keep all shows sold out, reduce their customer support load, and saved money that would have otherwise been returned via refunds.

Postpone events without the pain

Tixel helps events reduce no-shows, stay flexible and sell out sooner.

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