Event Organisers

Things Change — Creating a Contingency Plan to Avoid Losing Fans

Every event organiser needs contingencies in their back pocket.

From venue cancellations to weather issues, having a backup plan can save hiccups from turning into disasters for your event. But things can change on a dime for your ticket holders too — so how do you plan for contingencies for your fans when they get sick or their plans change? Or if you need to reschedule and replace a big chunk of your audience? 

Meet the dynamic waitlist on Tixel: your ticket holder contingency plan. 

By connecting your event to Tixel when you go on sale, you can keep building demand for your event once you’ve sold out — creating a backup plan when things change. Because whenever a ticket holder can no longer attend, they have an easy and secure way to get their money back by selling the spare ticket to another fan. This lets you replace lost customers, without any admin. 

How it works for event organisers and promoters

  1. Sign up for Tixel: Event organisers can sign up to Tixel for free, creating an official waitlist to any event, anywhere in the world. 
  1. Promote your waitlist: Build more demand for your event by promoting your unique Tixel link as the only place to securely sell and buy spare tickets. Any fans who missed out on tickets can sign up to be notified by Tixel when a spare ticket becomes available. They can even pre-authorise a purchase for a desired quantity and price to buy the moment they become available. 
  1. Let Tixel manage the rest: Tixel handles all resale ticket enquiries, letting you get back to focusing on your event. 

Now if a ticket holder can no longer attend, they can be replaced instantly by someone on the waitlist. This works for events of any size and kind. For example, Boardmasters in the UK had a waitlist of over 10,000 people and ~£500,000 in pre-authorisations ready to go, so thousands of spare tickets found new homes immediately when listed — without event organisers having to lift a finger. On New Year’s Eve, a pub in Australia held a 700-person event with a waitlist of 300. In the lead-up to the event, 116 tickets were exchanged between fans, keeping the event at capacity and diverting refund requests away from the busy venue. 

Having a fan contingency when dates change

Many events and artists have been forced to reschedule events — but those with Tixel in place can do so without losing fans in the process. 

Brisbane-based artist Skin on Skin was supposed to launch 2020 with a sold-out tour but was quickly hit with lockdowns and travel restrictions. By partnering with Tixel, Skin on Skin gave ticket holders a simple and effective alternative to asking for a refund once the request window had closed —  keeping tickets in the hands of fans who could make the event. Skin on Skin managed to keep all shows sold out, reduce their customer support load, and saved money that would have otherwise been returned via refunds

Get a waitlist that does all the work

We already have legions of fans right across Australia, the UK and US ready to snap up tickets to popular events. Launch your event with Tixel waitlists in place to reduce no-shows, stay flexible and sell out sooner. Learn more or sign up for free now at